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The Nature of Breastfeeding

Pregnancy and motherhood come with so much one needs to experience to comprehend. An example is breastfeeding. The fact that everyone at some point breastfed does not make it any less strange and confusing. This is usually a challenging time for most first time mothers. They shall, therefore, find some info to help them through it here.
People assume that all one needs is breasts to get the baby suckling. But that time tends to go completely different. The reality is nursing shall at first be struggle and possibly painful unit the baby learns to latch on well. You can take breastfeeding classes, or ask for help while in hospital.
As much as you need to stay clean and hygienic at all times, a new mother should never let soap get near their nipples. Soap has been found to make the nipples dry out and crack, which makes the feeding unbearable. You only need use warm water for the cleaning process.
We also tend to shun alcohol consumption. As much as there are such rules, there is nothing wrong with a glass of wine. You should however not breastfeed immediately after, to allow the alcohol to pass. But if you have an alcohol consumption issue, you need to get expert help. You will discover more help when you go to this site.
This is also a time when the breasts act strange. They shall for one change shape throughout pregnancy and nursing. You may also notice the smaller of them producing the most milk. There shall also be those times when you leak milk, as long as you hear any child cry. You need to take all these in stride and as part of the process.
You may also notice that your periods are on hold for a while. This is one of the few things people like about the period. This should not be taken as an effective birth control measure. It is important you get one, or risk an unplanned pregnancy. You need to talk to your doctor for more info about what the right one is for you.
You also need to accept the fact that you shall be eating more now. While you were pregnant, your appetite most likely improved, since you were feeding for two. In breastfeeding, you are still eating for two people. Therefore, extra servings are normal at this stage. You need to focus on taking nutritious foods. A poor diet shall affect the quality of milk you produce.
You need to be ready for things you had no idea happening when you are pregnant. You will do well to learn more about the coping methods.

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